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"We’re going to explore the outside world someday, right?"

Probably gonna get hate and unfollows for this but I don’t care anymore



I honestly do not like “Like A Drum” and lownly. I find the story way too cliche and unrealistic (see my past rants about “no homo”). I also find lownly quite rude and mean. Maybe that’s just how she interacted with me, but I find that many of the “famous” jeanmarco writers to be fairly stuck up and rude to other writers who aren’t as well known as them. Maybe I interacted with them when they were stressed, but when that happens more than once, one would start to wonder…

I personally am not a fan, but if you are, great. I don’t care. You can like whatever you like. I personally don’t but that’s just me.

Thank you for reading.

I’m really sorry but… when something like this appears in the jeanmarco tag, I can’t really just sit back and say nothing. Riverspirit, when we have spoken in the past, you seemed like a very nice person. You were always kind and never said anything hurtful about me or others. But when I read this, it just feels very rude - to Lownly, who I have never known to be anything but nice. I met her at DashCon last month and she was sweet. It’s true that online, messages might get misinterpreted, but that’s no reason to so unapologetically bash a writer or their work.

It doesn’t really matter what you think of Lownly’s writing - if you don’t like it, fine. Everyone is entitled to an opinion. But there is no need to be so rude toward a fellow writer. I know that you also write fanfiction; can you imagine what you would think, if someone were to say something so critical about not only your writing, but about you as a person? Someone who does not know you other than as Riverspirit. It’s a very judgemental view that, in my opinion, did not need to be shared.

The jeanmarco community is one of the nicest and most welcoming communities I have ever been a part of. That doesn’t mean I haven’t personally experienced the dark side of the fandom; I myself have received hate regarding my writing - from a fellow author, no less. It hurt even more based on that alone than anything else, because as a writer, you must know how it is often nerve-wracking to put your work online for the sheer purpose of making others happy when they read your writing. To tear another down just to build yourself up is very, very sad.

Furthermore - and this may come as a shock to you - Lownly does not owe you anything. She doesn’t owe you friendship. She is simply a creator who is here to have fun, and I’m sorry that you don’t see it that way but that’s honestly what it all boils down to.

Please don’t bash the work of others, and more importantly, do not assume you know a person based on limited interaction online. Because you simply do not know them, and it’s unfair to condemn someone in such a way that makes it sound as though you do.

I’m sorry, but when I saw this post, I couldn’t overlook it.


get out


I started reading No Reins ////

Coach Tachibana~~~ ლ(⌒▽⌒ლ)


"Hey Marco"
“…yes Jean”
“I don’t even know which bones are yours”
“Me neither “

Jean Kirschtein in OVA 3

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